An Open Letter to the Shareholders of Rising Biosciences, Inc.

An Open Letter to the Shareholders of Ri
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Dear Shareholders and interested parties;

I wanted to take the opportunity to address the events of the last few weeks as I have received a substantial number of emails and questions.

Many people wanted to know why we rescinded our petition to the SEC to terminate the temporary suspension of trading. The reason was actually quite simple. The suspension had ended and trading in RBII had resumed before the petition to terminate was even reviewed. It just didn’t make any sense to spend additional time and financial resources to take action on an issue that had run its course and had already been resolved. There was nothing more we could do but spend unnecessary money with attorneys and distract management from our core task of running the company and working to enhance shareholder value.

As CEO, I certainly understand your concerns and I accept and take ownership of, full responsibility for what happened. We totally understand the position of the SEC and if we erred in the language of our press releases, we accept that and look to it as a valuable learning lesson.

As stated, trading in RBII stock resumed on schedule. The Company is currently in the process of working with broker-dealers to resume its quotation on the OTC Markets. Moving forward, we have completely redirected our focus on running the company. We’re marketing our new products to a national customer base and production in the new bottling plant will begin by October 1st.

These are exciting times for RBII and we are extremely motivated and enthusiastic about the present and the future. We hope you’ll continue to show the great and welcome faith you have in us as we work together to achieve our goals and realize our dreams!

Thank you very much, indeed!


Arthur Hall, CEO

Rising Biosciences, Inc.

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